BEAST 2 Code Statistics

Basic statistics of BEAST2 development

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Basic statistics

Do you know how the BEAST 2 project was going since 2014?

Here is the answer:

Basic statistics

The three lines are:

  1. the lines of Java code of BEAST 2 core as a function of time (per month) since 2014;
  2. the lines of Java code of other packages excluding BEAST 2 core as a function of time (per month) since 2014;
  3. the number of other packages created during the period.

The vertical lines are major releases of BEAST 2 core.

The data was collected at the first day of each month. But there were two packages not included in this summary because the source code was not available by then.

The detail

BEAST 2 core

BEAST 2 core

Other packages excluding BEAST 2 core

The released packages in CBAN for BEAST 2.6 were chosen in this summary. The livetime summary of all BEAST 2 packages are also available from BEAST 2 Package Viewer.

Because the first release date of packages was not easy to access, I used the date when the package started to have a LoC (lines of Java code) record, and adjusted the data according to the history of CBAN XML in this summary.

The bar charts:

packages LoC

packages NoP

The 3D interactive view is also available using Safari or Chrome.


# source code has to be ready before analysis
cd ~/WorkSpace
git clone

# check out beast2stats project
git clone

# start pipeline
cd ~/WorkSpace/beast2stats
# save code stats to *.txt in tmp-yyyy-mm-dd

# create *.svg in figures
Rscript beast2Stats.R

# other packages: check out code, calculate stats and create fig
Rscript packagesStats.R